Global methane emissions from rivers and streams

      Rocher-Ros G, Stanley EH, Loken LC, Casson NJ, Raymond P, Liu S, Amatulli G & Sponseller, RA.

      Published in Nature.
      Code and data to reproduce the analysis. Global gridded datasets of methane concentrations and emissions.

GRiMeDB: The global river database of methane concentrations and fluxes

      Stanley EH, Loken LC, Casson NJ, Oliver SK, Sponseller, RA, Wallin M,
      Zhang L, Rocher-Ros G.

      Published in Earth System Science Data
      Database deposited in EDI


Groundwater discharge as a driver of methane emissions from Arctic lakes

      Olid C, Rodellas V, Rocher-Ros G, Garcia-Orellana J, Diego-Feliu M,
      Alorda-Kleinglass A, Bastviken D, Karlsson J.

      Published in Nature Communications


Distinct concentration-discharge dynamics in temperate streams and rivers: CO2 exhibits chemostasis while CH4 exhibits source limitation due to temperature control

      Aho KS, Fair JH, Hosen JD, Kyzivat ED, Logozzo L, Rocher-Ros G, Weber LC,
      Yoon B, Raymond PA.

      Published in Limnology and Oceanography

Global carbon dioxide efflux from rivers enhanced by high nocturnal emissions

      Gomez-Gener L* & Rocher-Ros G*, Battin TJ, Cohen MJ, Dalmagro HJ,
      Dinsmore KJ, Drake TW, Duvert C, Enrich-Prast A, Horgby Å, Johnson M,
      Kirk L, Machado-Silva F, Marzolf N, McDowell MJ, McDowell WH, Miettinen H,
      Ojala AK, Peter HM, Pumpanen J, Ran L, Riveros-Iregui D, Santos IR, Six J,
      Stanley EH, Wallin M, White SA, Sponseller RA. (*Shared first authorship).

      Published in Nature Geoscience..
      This article was highlighted by Nature as a research highlight.
      Database supporting the study in ZENODO

Carbon emission from Western Siberian Inland Waters

      Karlsson J, Serikova S, Vorobyev S, Rocher-Ros G, Denfeld B, Pokrovsky OS.

      Published in Nature Communications
      Data deposited in ZENODO

Nutrient availability shapes metabolic seasonal regimes in Arctic streams

      Myrstener M, Gomez-Gener L, Rocher-Ros G, Giesler R, Sponseller RA.

      Published in Limnology and Oceanography

Metabolism overrides photo-oxidation in CO2 dynamics of Arctic permafrost streams

      Rocher‐Ros G, Harms TK, Sponseller RA, Väisänen M, Mörth C-M, Giesler R.

      Published in Limnology and Oceanography
      Data available in the supplementary materials.


Emission of greenhouse gases from water tracks draining arctic hillslopes

      Harms TK, Rocher-Ros G, Godsey SE.

      Published in Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences.
      Data available in the Arctic Data Center.

Stream metabolism controls diel patterns and evasion of CO2 in Arctic streams

      Rocher‐Ros G, Sponseller RA, Bergström A-K, Myrstener M, Giesler R.

      Published in Global Change Biology

      Data available in the supplementary materials.


Landscape process domains drive patterns of CO2 evasion from river networks

      Rocher‐Ros G, Sponseller RA, Lidberg W, Mörth C-M, Giesler R.

      Published in Limnology and Oceanography: Letters
      Data available in the Swedish national database.


Lessons learned from monitoring the stable water isotopic variability in precipitation and streamflow across a snow-dominated sub-arctic catchment

      Lyon SW, Ploum SW, van der Velde Y, Rocher-Ros G, Mörth C-M, Giesler R.

      Published in Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research

Persistent nitrogen limitation of stream biofilm communities along climate gradients in the arctic

      Myrstener M, Rocher‐Ros G, Burrows RM, Bergström AK, Giesler R, Sponseller RA.

      Published in Global Change Biology


Large lakes dominate CO2 evasion from lakes in an Arctic catchment

      Rocher‐Ros G, Giesler R, Lundin E, Salimi S, Jonsson A, Karlsson J.

      Published in Geophysical Research Letters